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Parish Worship Ministries

Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee is one of the five standing committees of Pastoral Council. The mission of the Liturgy Committee is to promote full, conscious, active participation of all the faithful in the worship life of the parish. This committee, with membership made up of parishioners interested in liturgy as well as representatives of the various liturgical ministries, is responsible for overall preparation (including Art and Environment) of major liturgical seasons and celebrations, staffing for all liturgical activities, and the ongoing formation of its membership as well as members of the parish in general. The Liturgy Committee normally meets once per month September through Junec with additional meetings as deemed necessary.

Baptism Program
The Baptism Preparation Team facilitate at Session One of the Baptism Preparation Classes. Session One is for those who are preparing for the baptism of their babies and children under the age of seven.  Team Members are parents who have had their children baptized and are raising them in harmony with the church. The classes generally meet once a month and consist of teams of three or four parents per session, making the commitment very manageable, usually two or three sessions per year. The classes run from 7:15 pm to approximately 8:30 pm. There is about a half hour set up and clean up time.  The Classes consist of a video presentation, small group discussion on your childhood experience of church, and how you share your faith with your children. To become a member of our team, class observation is required and small group trainingup provided, if necessary.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) provides monthly opportunities, for children between the ages of 5 -12 yrs., to participate in a Sunday Liturgy of the Word within the context of the Sunday 10:00 Mass.  During the 10:00 Masses, monthly September through June, children and CLW trained adult leaders are dismissed to a separate liturgical space prepared for them in Holy Family Hall. Children listen and respond to the same Scripture readings as the worshipping community in the church. However, the Lectionary is an approved children’s Lectionary.  A Leader of Word and a Leader of Music guide the children through the same Liturgy of the Word format but with an interactive reflection (homily) and a chance to contribute intentions during the Prayer of the Faithful up.

Altar Servers
Assist the presider at both Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic celebrations, including weddings and funerals when the server is available. Servers are generally assigned in pairs and rotate through the entire schedule of parish liturgies. This ministry is not limited to the young. Altar servers are represented on the Liturgy Committee. Minimum age: 11. Requirements: Has received First upEucharist; attendance at formation session (1 hour).

Special Ministers of the Eucharist
Women and men who are commissioned by the Diocese of Wilmington to serve a term of three years (which is
renewable) to minister the Body and Blood of Christ within the liturgy. SME's generally rotate through the regular Sunday and Holy Day schedule of liturgies. Opportunities are given to serve at weddings and funerals. SME's are represented on the Liturgy Committee.up Minimum age: 16. Requirements: Diocesan formation (2 hours) and parish practicum (1 hour).

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick
Women and men who are commissioned by the Diocese of Wilmington to serve a term of three years (which is renewable) to minister the Body and Blood of Christ to the homebound. SME's to the Sick are generally asked to take communion to the sick and homebound on Sunday, thus showing the Church's desire that everyone receive communion on the Lord's Day from the table around which the faithful gather. Additionally, this shows forth the pastoral care of the church to those who cannot, due to health reasons, be present at the Table of the Lord. Minimum age: 16.up Requirements: Diocesan Formation (2 hours) and parish practicum (1 hour).

Liturgical Art and Environment
Members of this committee are responsible for the overall environment of our parish worship space, for seasonal preparations, for the inventory and maintenance of furnishing, vessels and vestments. The work of this committee is in light of the Church's document - "Environment and Art in Catholic Worship." After prayerful reflection and discussion the committee prepares our worship space for the liturgical seasons. Volunteers are welcomed as members or to offer their gifts and talents (e.g. sewing, flower arranging, decorating, caring for our worship space.) This committee meets as needed during the year.  The Art and Environment Committee is represented on the Liturgyup Committee.

Youth, women, and men who proclaim the Word of God at eucharistic and non-eucharistic celebrations. This ministry is open to those who have good proclamation skills and can devote themselves to time each week preparing to proclaim the scriptures. Lectors are assisted in this task by the Coordinator of Lectors, members of the Liturgy Committee, and peer groups. Additionally, each lector receives materials to help them better understand the scriptures they proclaim. Lectors generally rotate through the regular schedule of Sunday and Holy Day liturgies. Opportunities are given to those who are available to assist at reconciliation liturgies, morning and evening prayer, weddings and funerals.   Lectors are represented on the Liturgy Committee. Minimum age: 12. Requirements: Formation Session (1.5 hour) and small group practicum up(1.5-2 hours).

Ministers of Hospitality
Women and men who are willing to serve the community by being present before, during and after each liturgy. Duties of Ministers of Hospitality include: seating of members of the assembly, attending to the comfort of those gathered for worship, facilitating an orderly flow of the communion procession, collecting the monetary gifts of the faithful, procuring those who will present the gifts, and the distribution of the weekly bulletin. Ministers of Hospitality also serve the parish at non-Eucharistic celebrations (morning and evening prayer and reconciliation liturgies). Most Ministers of Hospitality serve the same liturgy each weekend (although they are welcome to rotate through the schedule of liturgies). Ministers of Hospitality are represented on Liturgyup Committee. Minimum age: 16. Requirements: Attendance at orientation meeting (1 hour).

Adult Choir
The Adult Choir sings at liturgy approximately once each week. Their repertoire includes: four-part hymnody, contemporary liturgical pieces, anthem-style meditation pieces, as well as some Latin and Spanish liturgical works. Solo piano and organ generally accompany the choir, although other instruments
are occasionally introduced. The choir rehearses one evening each week.  A choir member should be able to sing on pitch and possess a willingness to share their gift of music with the assembly. Proper phonation, diction, breathing and vowel modification are some of the upskills taught.

Cantor lead the assembly in prayerful song during Sunday liturgies as well as weddings, funerals, Vespers and Penance services. They also are called to share their gift of music by proclaiming the word of God as psalmist and teaching the assembly hymns and acclamations.  Cantors are scheduled approximately one liturgy every two or three weeks. Scheduled cantors are encouraged to attend a weekly cantor meeting to review and prepare for their scheduled Mass.  A cantor should possess leadership skills, an engaging voice, the ability to sing on pitch and a deep sense of prayerfulness and reverence for the assembly's sung prayer.  Education and training sessions are also provided. A cantor also should posses a willingness to share their gift of music with upthe assembly. 

The Contemporary Ensemble
It is the mission of the contemporary ensemble to enrich and enliven the liturgical experiences of the people of Holy Family Parish through music presented in contemporary style. The ensemble is generally scheduled two Sundays per month. Rehearsals are normally held on the Thursday prior to Sunday liturgy.  The contemporary group also plays with other musical groups throughout the church year such as Holy Thursday, Christmas and Easter. Membership in the group is open to adults and older adolescents.  Vocalists should have clear, strong voices, be able to sing on key, be able to confidently lead the congregation in song, and blend well with other singers. upMusicians should have a demonstrated proficiency on their instrument.

Musicians for Children’s Liturgy of the Word
These musicians lead the children in singing a Psalm and Gospel Acclamation during Children's Liturgy of the Word. Children's Liturgy of the Word meets the first Sunday of each month at the 10:00 liturgy. Members are invited to attend when possible. The ability to sing on pitch, upa clear voice and a love of music and children are required.

Instrumentalists are welcome to play the piano, organ or other instrument at Mass. As an instrumentalist you may be scheduled as frequently as you wish.  Instrumentalists should have an extensive knowledge of their instrument and a love for playing at liturgy.  Instrumentalists upalso learn about improvisation techniques and accompanying skills.

Members are concerned with the ongoing implementation of the RCIA process in the parish. Time is spent insuring that sessions for Inquiry, Catechumenate, and Mystagogy are scheduled, staffed and implemented. The Team also prepares for the celebration of the various rites that punctuate the process. Minimum age: 16. Requirements: Fully initiated Catholics who have zeal for upthe Church and for bringing others into the faith community.

RCIA Sponsors
Each catechumen and candidate is assigned someone from our parish to walk with them on the journey of faith leading to the Lord's Table. A sponsor is not the "answer person" for the catechumen or candidate. Rather, a sponsor is someone who is willing to share the ways in which he or she lives out their baptismal call to discipleship in the Church. Minimum age: 16. Requirements: Fully initiated and willing to share their experience of God and the Church upwith another person.

RCIA Catechist
Those responsible for "teaching" during the Catechumenate phase. The catechist formally passes on the Traditions of our faith during the Sunday sessions. Topics for catechesis are taken from the Sunday scriptures and the catechist is responsible for preparing the session based on those readings. The catechist has a role distinct from the Discussion Leader. Minimum age: 21. Requirements: Fully initiated Catholic who is certified (or in the process of being certified) upby the Diocese of Wilmington. Interested persons should call the Parish Office for further details.

RCIA Discussion Leader
The Discussion Leader is responsible for being present during the Sunday liturgy and is dismissed along with the Catechumens after the homily. This person is responsible for helping the Catechumens break open the Word of God proclaimed at liturgy. Resources are provided to assist in this task. The role of the Discussion Leader is distinct from that of catechist. Minimum age: 21. Requirements: Fully initiated Catholic with a desire to share the faith, especially as it uprelated to living the scriptures.

RCIA Hospitality
This defines how we welcome others not just to meetings and activities but to the Church in general. Hospitality persons assume the responsibility for Team meetings, Sunday sessions, evenings of reflection, days of retreat, the reception following the Easter Vigil, the Christmas breakfast. Minimum age: 16. Requirements: A desire to make others feel comfortable upin new surroundings as well as provide nourishment for Candidat
es Catechumens, Sponsors and Team.

RCIA Spirituality
Those who assist in the preparation and implementation of evenings of reflection for Catechumens, Candidates, Sponsors and Team. They also assist in the on-going formation of the Neophytes (newly baptized). Resources are available for those who are interested. Minimum age: 21. Requirements: Fully initiated Catholic with a basic knowledge and grounding in the prayer uplife of the Church and a desire to help others fully experience the richness of our prayer tradition.

Springs of Living Water Prayer Group
Springs of Living Water is a Charismatic Prayer Community. We meet weekly in the Church Hall to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through joyful praise and worship songs. We encourage the use of the Gifts of the Spirit, including Scripture reading, spend time sharing inspirational stories of how the Lord is working in our lives. We bring our personal petitions as well as petitions we have received and pray for the Pope, priests and religious leaders of the Church. We close with joining hands and singing the “Our Father”. We encourage those present who need individual prayer for healing emotionally, physically or spiritually to have someone pray with them before upthey go home.

Silent Prayer Group
Members pray for prayer intentions received by phone.  A list is sent out to each member.  Thereup are no meetings to attend. You pray wherever and whenever you choose.

Marian Devotions
Marian Devotions are the first Saturday of every month unless otherwise noted in the church bulletin.  Rosary is prayed at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday.  Fatima Devotions are every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Blue Army Activities and Devotions will appear in the church bulletin asup these events take place throughout the year.



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